Plugin Management Tab #1 – “Settings”

This tab allows you to make the necessary setup of the plugin. Please keep in mind that Google Invisible reCaptcha plugin needs Google reCAPTCHA V2 – Invisible reCAPTCHA API keys to work correctly. You can get those keys here → Google reCAPTCHA

When you register your website, you’ll get two API keys (site key and secret key). You need only those keys. There is no need to copy any other source code provided, all necessary source code and functions already integrated into the plugin.

Invisible reCAPTCHA plugin API keys

NOTE: each site must be registered separately and use only the keys generated for the particular website. Keys generated for other sites will not work.

Now when you have your Invisible reCAPTCHA keys generated, you can proceed to the plugin management page “Settings” tab.

Invisible reCAPTCHA plugin settings tab #1

1. Your Site Key – enter the Site Key generated by Google reCAPTCHA page for your site.

2. Your Secret Key – enter the Secret Key generated by Google reCAPTCHA page for your site.

3. Language – we recommend you to leave the default “Automatically detect” setting on this dropdown list because it will set the reCAPTCHA form language automatically and individually for each user by taking into account the preferred language of the user browser. Otherwise, you can select any other language for your reCAPTCHA form from the dropdown list.

4. Badge Position – allows you to set the position of the reCAPTCHA badge on the screen. Please check out the appearance of the reCAPTCHA badge against any conflicts with the CSS styles used on your website.

5. Badge Position – allows you to add extra styling to the reCAPTCHA badge if you need to fine-tune its appearance.

NOTE: don’t forget to press the “Save Changes” button to save all changed settings.

Possible problems

Problems with API keys

The most common problem is a wrong, mixed up or incomplete API keys. If you will try to use the Invisible reCAPTCHA keys generated for another domain name, or you will enter the keys by mistake to the wrong fields (site key to the secret key field or vice versa), or you will copy and paste the keys incompletely (missing one or more symbols) the plugin will not work correctly. You will see the warning note on the badge of the plugin.

Invisible reCAPTCHA plugin error

Unsupported “localhost” domain name

Please don’t use the Google Invisible reCAPTCHA WordPress plugin while developing the site on your computer with MAMP, XAMPP, and similar tools. Google doesn’t accept domain name “localhost”, the plugin will not work correctly.

Invisible reCAPTCHA plugin localhost error

Login form locked

Due to the problems mentioned above, you can lock your WordPress login page and make it unfunctional. In this case, you need to delete the plugin from your website server and then install it again and try to enter the keys correctly or if it’s running on the MAMP, XAMPP or another similar stack, please do not activate the plugin at all.

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